Text reading Death Guild Thunderdoom in a spooky movie typeface

Originally established in 1999 as a Theme Camp at Burning Man in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, Death Guild Thunderdome grew out of one of the longest running gothic night clubs (Death Guild) in San Francisco. DGTD was intended to “provide a place for some good music” at the Burning Man event, primarily as an alternative to the rave culture at the time. Taking its cue from the famous Mad Max series of post-apocalyptic films, Death Guild Thunderdome erects a geodesic dome as an arena for “fights” to take place, hangs bungees from the top with harnesses for participants to be strapped into, and provides foam boffer “weapons” to each “fighter.” Participants swing through the Dome, pummeling each other while the music blares and camp members provide a post-apocalyptic ambiance and theatrical experience.

For over twenty years, Death Guild Thunderdome has attended Burning Man and more recently has also become a feature of the Wasteland Weekend event in California’s Mojave Desert. Death Guild Thunderdome occasionally puts on shows at events like Knotfest in Burbank and Ghost Ship in San Francisco.

The members of Death Guild Thunderdome are a diverse crew with occupations varying from doctors to mechanics, filmmakers to scientists, dancers to tech-industry executives. We all come together to create a shared art experience through the Thunderdome and its associated performance art.

Although originally started in the San Francisco Bay Area, members now also hail from all over North America, and as far away as London, England.

Photograph of the hand-painted Thunderdome Rules Sign on the side of a geodesic dome. In the background is flat playa with an art car, camps and mountains in the distance under a blue sky with small white clouds.

The Rules for participation in Death Guild Thunderdome are simple:

  • Bring your own opponent, we will not provide one for you.
  • Fights last as long as we say.
  • We are always right.
  • Don’t bitch.
  • And when the sign goes on, come line up to fight.

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