We over at Death Guild Thunderdome take death very seriously because she is always listening so we wanted to give you the update for participation at Burning Man this year!

Come on out, Thunderdome is here and OPEN for your consensual violence opportunities 4:45 and Esplanade, starting at approximately 9pm M-F.

A few new things we need from you this year to participate!

  • You must find your own partner - bring someone or pick up outside the dome.
  • For OUR safety and yours, fighters will be asked to wear a mask while in line and up to getting strapped up for your battle! Please bring your own KN95 or N95!
  • Please don’t come to fight if you have covid-19 symptoms, are running a fever, have a rash or sores on your face, hands or crotch! Get that shit checked out!
  • YOU MUST WEAR UNDERWEAR. No exceptions. Keep your crotch off our junk! (*some exceptions, outside the dome, apply)
  • Want to bring us a gift? We love gifts! And we love to be nice to people who give us gifts! Unopened bottles of booze, WEARING YOUR OWN KN95/N95 mask, or showing us a copy of your vaxxed and boosted card are always appreciated and help your wait to fight get a little shorter!